Stelcoin is a decentralized freelance ecosystem.
Bringing freelancing to blockchain

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White Paper

What is Stelcoin?

Stelcoin is an open source, peer-to-peer freelancing platform token carefully built by industrial experts with a vision to creating better and more decentralized freelancing services where members of its community can render services to client directly from the comfort of their homes. Stelcoin is a global peer to peer payment network with fully decentralized system. It enables members of its community to store, trade and invest their wealth digitally.

All investors of Stelcoin hold an asset because each Stelcoin possesses value and can be traded like stocks in popular exchanges. Stelcoin will be the only accepted currency for all services rendered on our Stelance platform.

Coin Information
Erc20 based token, Name: Stelcoin, Symbol: STEL, Contract address: 0xaec01c13ba3b16a67413c979154119b5991bd475

Qualities of stelcoin & Stelpay

  • Low exchange fees
    With our unique payment gateway we will provide both buyers and sellers low exchange fees by using advanced analytics that are connected to multiple cryptocurrency exchange providers which many service providers neglect.
  • Blockchain Encryption
    The Stelcoin network is secured against attacks. The POW/POS system provides the perfect way to secure the Stelcoin network and keep it decentralized.
  • Fast Transaction
    Send and receive payments anywhere in the World quickly. Quick block execution time, ensure unparalleled speed to conventional remittance and payment systems.
  • Decentralized System
    We use decentralized blockchain transaction technology, so no centralized third party to charge you like the banks because all Transactions are performed directly between the users.
  • Stelpay API
    Merchants can be able to integrate Stelpay API on their Website to enable them receive payments with ease from clients at anytime and anywhere around the globe.


Opportunities are in Stelcoin trading by purchasing at a cheap rate and reselling at your desired price.


You can simply stake your Stelcoin in your wallet and earn up to 20% of your total balance on the first year and extra 10% 0n the second year and an additional 5% 0n the 3rd year .(minimum of 10,000 Stel). All holders will have the opportunity to trade Stelcoin at a higher price because our freelancing community will create high demand which will result in supply going below demand, this will happen because of its daily usage on the platform.

So anyone holding Stelcoin in his/her personal wallet up to 30,000 for a period of one year will receive 20% for helping maintain the security and volatility of the network.


Stelance is a global freelancing platform where merchants globally will be able to offer their services to anyone that needs it on the internet and get paid after the completion of the contract. With a target community of about 20 million people, Services will be rendered by merchants but the only system of payments and payment gateway will be Stelpay (a unique payment gateway created by Stel developers). Stelance will serve as the escrow for both buyers and sellers in all their transactions in other to eliminate fraudulent acts on our Platform. This will increase the value of Stelcoin as it will be used for daily transaction on the Stelance by millions of users.
Stages Quantity Price
1 1,000,000 $0.65
2 1,700,000 $0.80
3 2,300,000 $0.90
4 3,000,000 $1.20


Maximum supply


ICO supply


Total in circulation



Meet the team



20 years experience as an entrepreneur in various industries and also member of the bitfxt team with over 5 years experience in freelancing. The freelancing experiences lead him into bringing the solution to solving many payment issues of freelancers with the introduction of the Blockchain technology

Greg Brown


He is an experienced Blockchain expert with over 5 years in the crypto market; he has also reviewed many projects. His love and passion for Blockchain has pushed into trying to establish the first Blockchain institution to further reveal to Blockchain enthusiasts like him how to explore the potentials of the Blockchain technology


Chief Operating officer

Whether it’s a startup company or an existing on, she knows just how to set comprehensive and winning goals to drive it to the next level, she is good at her job.



He is very passionate about the project and is ready to do all it takes to make it successful. He is also experienced in online marketing.

Kalian Brown

Customer Support

She has the best customer support characteristics, an expert in Blockchain and part of the dalecoin marketing team.

kilin cinemaclip

Movie animator

An expert in video production and animator with years of experience in movie production